The History of the Office

In 1965 Panagiotis D. Tzevelekos founded his Law Office in Athens, while in 1979 relocated it on Santarosa road, on Justice Square, directly opposite the historic neoclassical building, which housed the Court of Athens, until it was transferred to ¨Evelpidon Academy¨. Panagiotis D. Tzevelekos, flanked by lawyers and associates as well as by Konstantina Tzevelekou-Papaioannou, Public Notary, is engaged in a wide range of advocacy, with emphasis on Civil Law and in particular property Law and property management.

In the 2000s Panagiotis D. Tzevelekos integrated human resources of the Office of his sons, PhD-Lawyer Vassilis P. Tzevelekos along with PhD candidate-Lawyer George P. Tzevelekos, to whom he progressively disseminated his accumulated experience as a lawyer. The Office, maintaining its established position, particularly in property Law and property management, broadens its fields of action and its reputation in European and International Law, but also in other sectors of the Greek Law with emphasis on Criminal Law.